Wax Heaven is Back! (and so am I)


This guy is back.  Yeah the picture is small, but the voice is not.  When I got into blogging many years ago, it was Mario Alejandro that spurred me on.  His Wax Heaven was definitely my driving force and he was probably the closest thing I had to a friend in the blogging world.  Well it’s been pretty topsy turvy for both he and I over the past few years but he’s back (again).  If you haven’t seen his new blog on Tumblr, I encourage you to do so, he just cracked open a 2014 Topps Stadium Club box and got some very nice hits.

As for me, I feel like I need to blog more often.  Many times I find myself wanting to share my opinion on a sports topic or a new design I made and I take to Twitter or Facebook.  It’s not the same.  Sure I get a few likes, but it’s not the same as when I ran the Bad Wax Blog.  So I am going to blog more often.  Running a blog is not as easy as it seems.  I ran Bad Wax for five years, it became like a job to me, except I wasn’t being paid to do it.  Towards the end, I was burned out, I relied on contests and reviews to grind through.  It became a drag and in the end I just stopped.  The problem is once you stop being a daily blogger, it becomes so easy to slide into the, “I’ll just skip today and post tomorrow” mode.  I tried to come back this summer and failed miserably. So here I am to try again.  Except this time I am going to do my best to make my posts more entertaining and more interesting.  Will I post everyday? I have no idea.  Probably not, but I can tell you that when I do post it will be more entertaining.

So, let’s sum up everything, blogging is a grind. Mario from Wax Heaven is back and blogging again. I am creating new cut autographs using real signed cards. This blog will be updated a hell of a lot more often!

Here’s to a great new year,

Mike from Bad Wax Customs

One thought on “Wax Heaven is Back! (and so am I)”

  1. As a person who has enjoyed your work for many years, I must say that I’m happy to see you back in the blogging world. It had been a long hiatus for you and that got me concerned that something serious might have happened.

    I hope with your renewed blogging that you enjoy the process, do it at your own pace and never feel that you HAVE to do something for “the people out there”.

    Welcome back. Have fun.


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