How Not to Make a Cut Autograph Card – Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale Failure

Although I usually take pride in my cut autograph cards, sometimes I have a failure or two, which really pisses me off! This time around it was for a Dick Vitale card I was working on for myself.  When you first look at the picture on your right youIMG_5112[1] think, not too bad.  Nice signature, nice card, but then you click on it and you start seeing flaws.  Lots of them!  First off the signature card itself was signed at a 30 degree angle.  Take it from someone who has made a ton of cut autograph cards. Do not under any circumstances ever try to make a cut autographed card with a signature thats not straight. Doesn’t matter if it’s horizontal or vertical, just don’t do it! The second problem, and I should have known from the start, the signature was just too big.  I got the card as part of a big lot on eBay.  I made all the other cards into cut autograph cards already so this was kind of a gimmee anyway, but still I wanted it.  It was just one problem after the next though.  I printed out the card and cut it just fine, but the problems came when I tried to positiion the signature.  My cat bumped my arm and because I use a permanent sticker type I used bound it to the card. Not that it would have helped as the signature was too big anyhow.  So the V in Vitale got hacked out.  Then there was a smudge on the top of the card from the sticker bond. and the smudge on the vitale card itself.

IMG_5113[1]To top it off, I was so pissed about the front of the card, I didn’t even notice that the back of the card was being put on upside down.  Kinda par for the course I guess.  Really screwed this one up.  So clearly I am not a fan of this one but it will go into my personal collection with the others.

As for why Dick Vitale is a Sport King?  The guy is college basketball! One would argue that without Vitale all these years, college basketball wouldn’t be half as exciting as it currently is.  I mean before Dickey V came along how popular was college basketball? Not quite as big as it is today.  I will probably try to find a new one on the Bay in order to make it right.

Still though, even I make mistakes.  So before you go out and try making these on your own, be careful as sometimes you can make a mistake that will cost you an autograph like I did.


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