The Mini Cut Auto

I wanted to get back into through the mail autograph collecting again.  It’s been a while since I last sent out cards.  The last batch I sent out was for soccer to MLS stars.  I have to admit, those guys are the nicest respondents I have ever gotten back.pele-mini-cut-auto-front  Some even included letters of there own back to me.  What I’d like to do though is to create mini cut autograph cards with the huge batch of old business cards I have.  I tried this once before making a Pele replica cut autograph seen to the right. I really do love how that came out.  There are some obvious problems with making a mini cut autograph.

First off, the window is tiny.  Accounting for a sizable border so that the card can be trimmed, I had to make the window small.  Next toss in the fact that I need some room to design something and the window gets smaller.  So in order to do a TTM card to send out, I would have to send them the made card to do the signing in the window and that kind of defeats the purpose of a “Cut” autograph.  The other option would be to forgo a fancy “retro” design on the front in order to have the biggest available window, which is probably going to be the way I end up going anyways.  The idea was to send out the blank business card to get the autograph, then turn it into a card when I had time.  However how many TTMs will come back with a signed business card? I don’t think many would.  So I guess either way I’m going to have to come up with a plan.


I will say this though. the back of the card came out looking quite nice and stayed very much true to the original version of Topps 1985 football.  I think I’ll make a few versions of these before I start sending them out.  I may have to go the route of the Sport Kings cut auto and make a borderless card to make it easier for the athlete to sign.

I’m thinking to start, one football, one baseball and one hockey.  I’ve been toying with the 1948 Leaf Boxing, 1979 Topps Football, 1977 Topps baseball, and 1977 Topps Hockey designs. So starting tonight and working into the next few weeks I will roll them out as I finish them.

Also check back later this week for my second installment on how to make a custom card.  Finally, I want to send a thank you out to anyone who reads this blog and as a token of my appreciation I will have a giveaway as soon as we reach 1000 views.  So stay tuned . . .

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