The Return of Through The Mail

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to get back into the through the mail adventures.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s sending athletes cards to sign.  There are plenty of options. You can send them cards you’ve opened from packs, you can send them some pre-made blank cards such as those from the autograph card store or rackrs, or you can make your own custom cards.  There are also a ton of locations online to find addresses to send to as well.  My favorite is through the sportscard forum TTM tracker.  I highly recommend starting there, if you are just getting into it.

The method I use is making my own cards.IMG_5120[1] I decided to do a few football ones.  The design I went with was the 1985 Topps Football design, since it has to be one of my all time favorites.  To the right you will see the front of the card.  The cut window actual has a gold holographic business card as the blank space for the player to sign.  i thought if I’m going all 1985, you have to go after Warren Moon right? I mean it is his rookie card year and all!  Turns out Warren is a great through the mail signer and after a little research I was able to get his address.  I tried to make the card as close to the original card as I could.

IMG_5121[1]The back of the card can be seen to the left.  This one came out extremely well too.  I tried to stick with the same overall look to the back.  I stole the wording from other cards that I had done before.  However I think it just helped the overall look of the card.  Usually I don’t go all out for TTM requests, but I felt if I was gunning for a Hall of Famer, why not make it as nice as possible.  The other players I made cards for in this design were for Mike Munchack (Hall of Fame offensive guard) and Rashaan Salaam (1994 Heisman Trophy Winner).  All three should make for excellent additions to the collection.  Plus I don’t have any of their autographs.

All the requests went out today 1/23/15 and I expect to see the first roll back here in about 2 weeks if the reports about it were true.  As for Moon, I don’t expect that one back until after the Super Bowl as he is the official announcer of the Seattle Seahawks.  You really can go crazy with TTM requests, so I always tell people, come up with a list of players you want to get or have a theme.  My theme is players with multiple Pro Bowls / All Star appearances, trophy award winners or straight up Hall of Fame members.  Let me know what you think of this design and also what your theme is for TTM requests.  Below are some more sites that cover TTM requests.


My TTM blog

Cliff’s Autographs

RBI Collecting

There are so many more! If you know of a good one, let me know and I will update the post.


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