Through the Mail Success: Elroy Face

I got this back yesterday afternoon in the mail.  It’s the first of the new throughIMG_5156[1] the mail cards I recently sent out.  This is one that is business card size.  I really wanted Elroy Face’s autograph because he’s a Pirate fan favorite.  He fits under my Hall of Fame or All Star Collection.  He had a 17 year career the spanned 1953 – 1969.  He was a three time All Star from 1959-1961.  The most important part of his career is that he became the first of what would become the modern day closer.  He was the first peron to save 20 or more games three times in his career.  He would end up saving a MLB best (at the time) 193 games.  His pinnacle came in 1959 where he would win his first 17 straight games in relief and go 18-1 with 10 saves.  He is currently 47th overall in career saves.  He never made it to the Hall of Fame, which personally I think he has been slighted.  Was he as good as Sutter / Ekersley / Rivera? No probably not, but he paved the way for players like them to become superstars.  I almost see him as an innovator.Roy Face

So how did this TTM break down?

Address sent to:

Elroy ‘Roy’ Face
608 Della Dr.
#5 F
North Versailles, PA 15137

Turnaround time: 9 days

Set for: 2015 Bad Wax Heritage Mini Cut Autographs

Running Number of signed cards in set: 1

Remaining cards from the set still out for signature: 3


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