My Topps 2015 Blaster

IMG_5162[1]Kind of disappointing.  I got basically one big hit and it was the commemorative coin. It’s actually an absolutely stunning card.  If you buy your blasters at Walmart, you get them as a bonus for buying the blaster.  To be honest, it’s worth the price of the blaster all by itself.  Overall I really love the set, but at $19.99 for about 70 cards I was a bit disappointed.  I did get practically every insert you could get that isn’t an autograph or game used card.  However a quick look at eBay shows that a 351 card set can be had for about $20.  As for my D Jeter Coin card, I think I’ll just hold on to it even though it’s pulling in as much as I paid for the blaster.  Overall though I love the set and inserts.  I am thrilled that Topps went out and killed it on the design.  All I can say is buy the blaster to get your coins and get most everything else off of eBay.  What did you get in your blaster boxes?

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