2014 VINTAGE CUTS: Bobby Doerr

I am trying to catch up on all the cut autographs I have made over the past few months.  When I first started the blog I was posting them, then got busy in real life and the blog took second priority.  So even though these are 2014, I don’t think I have posted them anywhere.

IMG_4752 IMG_4753

Card Number: VC-BD

Card Subject: Bobby Doerr

Baseball Reference Link: BR Link

Player information: Doerr has always been considered one of the weaker players in the Hall of Fame.  While at a statistical glance, his career looks a lot like Ray Durham / Bobby Grich, which in my opinion were great, they were not quite Hall of Fame numbers.  Doerr though was different, he played in an era where second basemen were praised for their defensive consistency, and not necessarily their offensive prowess.  Still, Doerr in 14 seasons had over 2000 hits which averages out to about 177 hits a season which is pretty damn impressive for that era.  Top that off with nine All Star appearances in 14 years and you get to understand why he was one of the best second basemen of his generation. While the sports writers of America may not have felt he deserved a place in the Hall, his contemporaries did.  He is currently not only the oldest Hall of Fame player living (of any sport), but also one of the oldest baseball players still alive.  Amazingly he does still sign quite a bit, so if you see him signing somewhere I recommend getting his autograph as you never know when he may not be here to sign them ever again.

What the original signature looked like:


Image of a certified autograph:


Image of one of his cards:


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