2015 Sport Kings: Bruce Sutter

IMG_5170[1]Card Number: SK-BS

Card Subject: Bruce Sutter

Baseball Reference Link: BR Link

Player information: I have been searching for a Bruce Sutter autograph in my price range (ultra cheap) for quite some time.  I had essentially given up hope for a while now.  His IMG_5171[1]signatures were going for $15-20 and I was hoping more along the lines of $5-10.  I got this one for about $5 shipped.  So I was stoked.  The original card it came on wasn’t pretty, but it worked for me.  Loved the look of the autograph, blue and bold.  Sutter was the first dominant closer.  He didn’t have a very long career, only 12 years, but in those seasons he was a shut the door kind of closer.  Between 1977 and 1982 he was in 366 games, had an 184 saves, ERA of 2.47 and a WHIP of 1.079.  Oh and don’t forget his Cy Young winning year of 1979, not to mention 5 top 7 MVP finishes and his six All Star appearances.  The guy deserves to be in the Hall and I was glad he made it.

What the original signature looked like:

$_57 (2)






Image of a certified autograph:


Image of one of his cards:

bruce sutter rookie


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