And Now For Some Hockey TTM Love . . .

IMG_5157[1]With all the TTM success I have been having recently, I wanted to open it up to another sport, hockey.  If you remember way way back when I used to write Bad Wax, I did a lot of hockey TTM.  My wife is really into the NHL and it was a way for us to kind of bond around my hobby.  For this template, I again wanted to stick with the mini cut autograph motif.  I needed a vintage set to steal a design from so I went with the inaugural Topps  1954-55 Hockey.

1954Topps_27_PronovostStarting with the front I opted to go with a light blue ice colored boarder with the boxed in logo on the top right (to aid with no interference when the signer signs the card.  Went with a dark blue on red bottom of the card, just like the original.  I think it’s a fairly good representation of what a card from that set would have looked like if they did cut autographs back then.

For the back of the card, I wanted to do something that took the best elements of the original set’s back but stay consistent with the other two sport’s back.  To the right you’ll see 1954-55-Topps-Hockey-Backthe original back.  I stayed very close that that back.  The blue and red band on top, the stick, running under the red band and above the blue band. I even threw in a cartoon, just like the original. Plus if you look very closely at the blade, I replaced Topps Hockey in IMG_5158[1]the stick blade with Bad Wax Hockey.  Was going to take the light brown vintage color back, but I just didn’t like the way it looked so I changed it to a ice blue color like the front border.  Overall all though I think I did the back justice by sticking to the original as best I could.

As for the through the mail requests, I have Ted Lindsay, Larry Robinson, Chris Chelios, and Ron Hextall.  All four are Hall of Fame members and all four are very good through the mail signers.  I will update you as to how long it takes and where I sent it to as they come back.

Let me know what you think about the design . . .


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