The Next Round of Through The Mail Requests

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Made up these cards on Friday along with another Hall of Fame cut autograph that I will post later this week.  I decided to do a joint baseball / football send out of athletes that have been signing of late.  This group includes:

  • Goose Gossage – I’m a Yankees fan.  The Goose was one of my first favorite players.  I read that he signs for a donation to his charity, so this card goes out with a 10 dollar donation and I can’t wait to see it come back.  He has one of the best signatures in baseball right now and I think this one will look amazing on this card.


  • Mark Prior – Years ago Prior was my first TTM success.  He was big time back then.  FIrst pick in the draft, ripping through the minors.  It was an exciting time back then.  I never stopped rooting for him.  I am a fan of his for life.
  • Cotton Davidson – I just like getting any former first overall pick, let alone a former quarterback.  When I saw he was signing, I had to send this one out.
  • Bob Baumhower – One of the best defensive tackle of his generation.  Although not a Hall of Fame guy, he should have been given more consideration.

All in all, a great set of four to send out, hopefully I will start getting these back within the month.



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