New Template – Bazooka Gum Cut Autograph Jim Davenport

It’s been a while, and while I wish I could tell you I’ve been too busy to post, that would be a lie. So instead I’ll just go with, I’ve been busy acquiring index cards to turn into cut autographs.  Also been busy creating new designs of cut autographs.  One of which I would like to share is my newest Bazooka Gum cut autograph.

bazooka cut auto davenport front


bazooka cut auto davenport back

While this is not my most elegant cut autograph, I really love the way it came out.  The idea started when I tried to come up with an older product that could include baseball cards as a giveaway.  Bazooka used to print baseball cards on the back of the box.  I’ve always loved the iconic design of the wrapper so, what better way to present the card, but with the red white and blue wrapper as the front of the card.

Matching up the font was tough. originally I was going to go with the Bazooka font, but that proved to look hideous, so I went with the font that is used in the word “original” on the wrapper.  As for the back I wanted that cheap comic feel, with Bazooka Joe’s face.  From there, I wanted an easy way to show the career accomplishments and a short bio.

In retrospect, I should have not used this Jim Davenport autograph as my test dummy, however I realized too late that it was bigger than the window.  I should have used my Sport Kings boarder less design.  I did end up getting his entire name in the window with a little creative rotation.

As you know most of my cut autograph collection revolves around All Stars or Pro Bowlers only.  Davenport was a one time all star from the late 50s and early 60s.  I love getting these kinds of guys into my collection since, it’s a little before my time and not a well known player.  Davenport had a solid career that hit it’s apex in 1962. A contemporary comparison would be Jerry Hairston.  Not quite a superstar, but definitely a star player.

I’m curious to know what you think about this one.  Both the player and the design.  Don’t hold back and be as critical as possible.


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