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New Through the Mail Design – 1989 Score Rookie

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It’s that time of year again.  The time of the NFL combine and the draft.  I’ve always been a QB guy and in each draft I like to follow the draft status of all the QBs that I liked in the previous college season.  This year there were four:

  • Brett Hundley
  • Bo Wallace
  • Bryce Petty
  • Garrett Grayson

I will also go after specific defensive end and offensive linemen as well, but that will be later.  I really don’t care where these guys will end up, I will root for them where ever they go.  I just liked watching them play last season.  I got home addresses for all of them and I’m sending them out today and tomorrow.  In the past I’ve done pretty well with sending out to their homes before the draft.  I’ve gotten Andy Dalton, Nick Foles and also helped out Adam from SCU with a Christian Ponder TTM as well.  This is the best time to send these requests out.  I almost never miss on these.

As for the design, I tried to imagine what a cut autograph would look like for the 1989 Score rookie card.  I am elated with the front of the card.  I don’t think I could have done better, the back is a different story.  I’m not in love with it, too much white space.  Not quite sure what to do to make it better.  If you have any ideas on how to tweak it let me know!  These are business card size and I really do wish there were cases or top loaders for that size.  It seems like 75 pt. is the perfect thickness to store them in.  I’ve recently taken on some projects from other collectors, helping them make custom cards to send out so if you are interested I can help.