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Through The Mail Success – Tedy Bruschi

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This one came back about two weeks ago.  As many of you know I am an University of Arizona alumni.  I thought it would be great to post a pro – Wildcat TTM success.  I was at U of A from 1989 – 1993, right in the thick of Desert Swarm.  I met many members of this defense over the years while I was a part of KAMP student radio, serving as the Sports Director.  Bruschi is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  He was great to do interviews with (of which I did quite a few) and was just so down to earth.  I have a bunch of his autographs that I have gotten over the years, but I wanted one that was on my new design, so off it went on a three week journey.

His awards are as follows:

  • 2× Consensus All-American (1994, 1995)
  • 3× First-team All-Pac-10 (1993, 1994, 1995)
  • Morris Trophy (1995)
  • Pro Bowl (2004)
  • 2× All-Pro (2003, 2004)
  • 3× Super Bowl champion (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX)
  • 5× AFC champion (1996, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007)
  • 2× Ed Block Courage Award (2000, 2005)
  • AP NFL Comeback Player of the Year (2005)
  • PFWA NFL Comeback Player of the Year (2005)
  • New England Patriots All-2000s Team
  • New England Patriots 50th Anniversary Team
  • College Football Hall of Fame inductee (2013)

Where I sent it:

Tedy Bruschi
c/o ESPN
935 Middle St.
Bristol, CT 06010

Turnaround time: 25 days

Number of cards signed in the set: 4

Finally, I hope that U of A gets the number one seed in the west later today.  They deserve it, they won their conference and the conference tournament, unlike both Virginia and Duke.

Multiple Through The Mail Successes – Cory Snyder / John Cappelletti

Cory Snyder

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This one I chased after, even though it doesn’t fit into my personal collection profile of All Stars and Hall of Famers.  It doesn’t even matter though because it’s Cory Freaking Snyder.  Anyone from the 80s knows why this autograph is awesome!  Snyder is from the heyday of my childhood collecting.  I still have north of 50 of his cards, and I will probably not get rid of them.  He has long since left the sport and the value of those cards will remain at a constant 50 cents a piece (a full dollar less than I paid for them), but I can’t let them go.  He was my first prospecting card.  After Mark McGwire’s cards went through the roof, I started gobbling up those beautiful orange and blue cards, Shane Mack, John Marzano, and Odibie McDowell.  I couldn’t get enough of them, they were going to be my college education.

In the end though, they all became good players, but not super stars and certainly not Hall of Fame members.  Cory Snyder is a reminder to me, never fall for prospecting, ever!  One out of a thousand prospects turns into a star, an even smaller percentage become superstars and a minuscule amount become Hall of Famers.  Just ask all those Dice-K collectors.  Still, this autograph will be among my favorite in the collection. It will go right up there with Kevin Elster’s when I get that one back.

John Cappelletti

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Before there was Reggie Bush / Darren McFaddon / Adrian Peterson, there was John Cappelletti.  I know you’re all like who? Here is a list of awards won during his senior year (1973) at Penn State, Heisman, Maxwell, Walter Camp, Chic Harley, UPI Player of the Year, and first team All American.  He was the 11th overall pick of the 1974 NFL Draft.  Joe Paterno once said that of all the players he has ever coached, Cappelletti was his favorite.  He was one of the best college players of all time and in 1993 he was inducted into the College football Hall of Fame.

He had a decent NFL career, nothing spectacular.  He played for the Rams and the Chargers, never amassing more than 700 yards in any one season.  His NFL career is not why I went after his autograph, it was his college play.  Growing up in NJ, you hear of all the great PSU players and I always knew about Cappelletti as one of the best running backs in PSU history and that’s saying a lot since for years it was known as Running Back U.

Both of these autographs are special to me since they bring me back to my childhood.  I’m so happy to have gotten a chance to get a through the mail success with either of these guys, and yes if they would have asked for a donation to their charity, I would have done it in a heartbeat!  In fact if either is reading this now, email me using the envelop in the top left corner of my site and tell me your favorite charity to donate to.

Their Autographs



Their Rookie Cards

$_35 (2)


The Next Round of Through The Mail Requests

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Made up these cards on Friday along with another Hall of Fame cut autograph that I will post later this week.  I decided to do a joint baseball / football send out of athletes that have been signing of late.  This group includes:

  • Goose Gossage – I’m a Yankees fan.  The Goose was one of my first favorite players.  I read that he signs for a donation to his charity, so this card goes out with a 10 dollar donation and I can’t wait to see it come back.  He has one of the best signatures in baseball right now and I think this one will look amazing on this card.


  • Mark Prior – Years ago Prior was my first TTM success.  He was big time back then.  FIrst pick in the draft, ripping through the minors.  It was an exciting time back then.  I never stopped rooting for him.  I am a fan of his for life.
  • Cotton Davidson – I just like getting any former first overall pick, let alone a former quarterback.  When I saw he was signing, I had to send this one out.
  • Bob Baumhower – One of the best defensive tackle of his generation.  Although not a Hall of Fame guy, he should have been given more consideration.

All in all, a great set of four to send out, hopefully I will start getting these back within the month.


Next Two Through The Mail Attempts

IMG_5174 IMG_5175


These are my next two through the mail attempts.  I decided to do one of each sport.

Jim Bunning – He’s a great request from any angle you look at it.  He’s a Hall of Famer, a twelve year House of Representitives member, nine time All Star, three time season strikeout champ, threw a perfect game and a no hitter.  Plus he’s a prolific through the mail signer.

John Cappelletti – Won the Heisman Trophy in 1973, was a former 1st round pick, was inducted into the college football Hall of Fame, plus Joe Paterno called him “the best football player I ever coached”. Another prolific TTM signer.

These would be great additions to my collections so I am very excited to send these out.

Through the Mail Success: Elroy Face

I got this back yesterday afternoon in the mail.  It’s the first of the new throughIMG_5156[1] the mail cards I recently sent out.  This is one that is business card size.  I really wanted Elroy Face’s autograph because he’s a Pirate fan favorite.  He fits under my Hall of Fame or All Star Collection.  He had a 17 year career the spanned 1953 – 1969.  He was a three time All Star from 1959-1961.  The most important part of his career is that he became the first of what would become the modern day closer.  He was the first peron to save 20 or more games three times in his career.  He would end up saving a MLB best (at the time) 193 games.  His pinnacle came in 1959 where he would win his first 17 straight games in relief and go 18-1 with 10 saves.  He is currently 47th overall in career saves.  He never made it to the Hall of Fame, which personally I think he has been slighted.  Was he as good as Sutter / Ekersley / Rivera? No probably not, but he paved the way for players like them to become superstars.  I almost see him as an innovator.Roy Face

So how did this TTM break down?

Address sent to:

Elroy ‘Roy’ Face
608 Della Dr.
#5 F
North Versailles, PA 15137

Turnaround time: 9 days

Set for: 2015 Bad Wax Heritage Mini Cut Autographs

Running Number of signed cards in set: 1

Remaining cards from the set still out for signature: 3

Custom Card Ramblings – TTM / Mini Custom Cut Card

It’s been at least a week since my last update to the blog, but I wanted to have some substance to talk about.  Also work has been a bear and it’s been tough to get some time to myself to do much of IMG_5125[1]anything.  Let’s get down to business.  What the heck have I done since my last post?  First off I decided to play around with a design for my mini cut autograph custom card set.  If you look to the right you can see my interpretation of the 1953 Topps Baseball card.  For reference, below are examples of the front and back of the 1953 set.

1953_Topps Paige front1953-Topps-Mickey-Mantle-back

When I imagined the the custom cut card I needed to rotate the original so that it was on it’s side and envision what the Topps designers would do to make a cut auto card.  I kept the red band along the bottom with a yellowed vintage look to the border.  I wanted to keep the name white, position black and the team name yellow.  I was going to keep the logo on the left side, but it would IMG_5126[1]make for an awkward signing location for the athlete.  Now flip it to the back.  I kept the large baseball and large band of red on top.  The rest of the card I made light brown to simulate cardboard.  After adding the name, I had a lot of room in the red band. Add that and the fact that I couldn’t squeeze in “one of one” and “authentic autograph” on the front of the card, it looked nice to place it on the back in yellow so it matches the front.  Then I added the usual text and Topps created picture and viola, it’s done!

With this design I made four cards to send out for TTM requests.  The athletes I went with for this set were:

Cory Snyder – one of my all time favorite players from the 80s. Followed him from college, to the 1984 US Olympic team to his epic first year in the pros. I think I still have a lot of 50 of his team USA rookie cards.

Elroy Face –  Will always love his 1959 season.  Going 18-1 with 10 saves.  Also his first of three back to back to back All Star appearance.

Ron Gant – Great all around player.  From both an offensive and defensive perspective.  Very underrated and a two time All Star.  Definitely looking forward to getting this one back.

Roy Sievers – Rookie of the Year and four time All Star.  Plus a fan favorite for years.

These all went out during the week, so hopefully they come back in about two weeks.  Now for the TTM success I had.  OK so maybe it IMG_5131[1]wasn’t a true TTM.  This card on the right was sent out to Isias at cash4graphs for his Gaylord Perry signing.  For just 10 bucks I got a custom card of mine signed by a Hall of Fame player.  I love how it IMG_5135[1]came out.  The turn around time was excellent.  I have to say overall I would buy from him again.  His upcoming signings include the likes of Hank Aaron among others.  So he is legit and he will also provide proof of signing if needed so thats a win in itself.  Let me know what your opinion is on the new mini design. Oh and as for tomorrow, go Seahawks!

Next Set of Through the Mail Requests

The way my customs work is unless I have some one touch magnetic cases, I don’t make the cut autograph cards because I want them protected well.  Plus because of the adhesives I use, to put these together I don’t like to store them in penny sleeves / top loaders.  The adhesive sometimes sticks to the sleeves and when it’s put into a top loader, sometimes it will smear onto the card.  I go through a box of 25 in about 6 weeks and at about $40 a pop it can get a bit pricey.

In the meantime, I can still go after autographs, at least through the mail.  So I did a little research, going through the TTM Manager at the sports card forum, and see who is a willing signer.  I came up with three guys I decided to go afterFullSizeRender.  First off John Offerdahl.  The guy was a stalwart on the Dophins offensive line for years.  He was a five time All – Pro and absolutely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I’m not even a Dolphins fan, but I know that in a league that overlooks offensive lineman, he was dominant.  Anyone who is named to five All-Pro teams, needs to be in the Hall of Fame.

Next up with Barry Larkin.  The guy signs, he is probably one of the best through the mail signers in recent memory.  This is part of the reason he is in the Hall of Fame, no not because he loves to sign for the fans.  It’s because his priorities are right on!  He is one of the most popular players in Reds history, sure he was a great player, but it was his personality that put him over the top. OK maybe that and his 12 All Star appearances.

Finally I went with Sterling Sharpe.  I always felt that he was one of the unappreciated wide outs.  He was elected to the Hall of Fame, so he FullSizeRender (1)was appreciated somewhat, but he was never considered the best of his generation.  This might have been because he was playing in the same generation as guys like Jerry Rice, Marvin Harrison and Michael Irvin.  Make no bones about it though he was very very good.  Like both Offerdahl and Larkin, he is also a very quick signer as well.

As for the design, I went with the older design, with the big signature area.  The card I used as the blank slate is a metallic finish business card.  It’s tough to see in the picture but it looks pretty cool.  These were actually sent off on Saturday, so I am hoping some might be coming back by the first week in February.  On another front I am working on the mini cut auto card for send out.  A hint of what it’s going to look like, just think 1953 Topps baseball.  I should have pictures of it read for tomorrow.