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2015 Topps Heritage Cuta Autographs; Worst Ever

I don’t understand Topps and their designers.  You have the rights to the most iconic designs in sports card history.  Licenses to use any MLB trademarked logos and an army of dedicated fans of the set and what do you do to the cut autographs? You butcher them! You fucking butcher the rarest cards in the set!  Plus the subject list so far that I’ve seen is pathetic!

Let me give you a sample of that I’m talking about:

richard petty


Richard freaking Petty.  In a HERITAGE baseball card set.  This does not scream baseball heritage to me, not at all.  Worst of all they turned a $15 autograph into a $700 one.  I believe these fall one per master case.  That’s some pretty steep odds.  Plus it’s a racing icon, why wouldn’t you put in something to do with the 1966 baseball season.

Let’s look at some of the other gems available and how much they have been marked up shall we?

tug mcgraw


Tug McGraw (and a shitty autograph of him).  Right now his signature can be bought on eBay for about $30, now turn it into a cut auto and get $400 for it.  At least he is a baseball player.  So I was thinking maybe 1966 was his rookie season. Nope! His was 1965.

woody fryman

Next up Woodie Fryman, a career sub 0.500 pitcher.  He was a two time All Star over an 18 year career.  You could not put a more boring autograph in the set if you wanted to.  At least his rookie season was 1966, so you have that.  Want one for yourself on eBay? It’s just $8, or you can buy this one for $500? Just shaking my head in sadness here.

Finally, this gem:


What the actual fuck? What the hell was Topps thinking making this? First rule in cut card making, never ever cover the autograph.  If you can’t fit it, DON’T FUCKING INSERT IT IN THE GOD DAMN CARD! Oh and thanks for the $3 autograph.  Inserted into the card above, it pulled $400.  If you want one as a cut autograph, how about this one for $7.25?

Overall, this is such a disappointment.  The cut autograph cards have been spiralling down the toilet ever since the 2013 set.  This is just poor, and very short sided by Topps brass.  Why oh why couldn’t you come up with better autographs? So sad!

Why All the 2015 Topps Baseball Series 1 hate?

Every year in the past I used to rail against the first baseball release of the year, Topps baseball flagship brand.  I had hated what seemed2015TOPPS1 like very lazy designs.  Plain white boarders, no imagination, too many pointless inserts, plus I always hated the set being broken down into three mini sets.  Now though, I have new respect for the flagship set.  I like the mega set now. When Inception was released, the 5 star, I was impressed.  Great designs, very nice sets, amazing insets, it was everything I wanted in a set.  I couldn’t afford it and I’m not really into box breaks.  I would end up buying singles on eBay and I was sucked back into the hobby.

However the release I loved has always been the flagship release.  I wanted to love the set again like I did in the 70s and 80s, even parts of the 90’s and 00’s.  Then I saw the prototypes for this year’s set. Is that a color boarder? Did they take the designs from 5 star and Inception? Dear god, I think they have been reborn!  Fro2015-Topps-Sparkle-Variation-350-Yasiel-Puig1m a design perspective I love this set!  Yes, the sparkle variation (seen to the left) is very dumb, but whatever, I’ve never gone after those variations anyway.  It’s like a throwback to the Donruss and Score days.  Color on the boarder! Some kind of funky art design! Don’t hate this release, embrace it.  Take it for what it is a beautifully large set to chase.

That’s just the base set, there are some great subsets (as there always are in the flagship) to chase as well.  Am I going to buy a box of this? Hell no! But I am going to buy a complete set of each series and probably some of the subsets.  For instance, the Future Stars subset featuring Hamilton, Springer and Polanco.  As a baseball history fan, I am going to chase the free agent 40, archetypes, baseball history, gallery of greats, highlight of the year, Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson stories,

There are a lot of people out there really hating on this set.  Too many variations, too many cards, not worth anything.  I’ve got news for you, if you are in this as an investment, just bail now.  These cards very rarely go up.  The days of buy ing low selling high are over.  Just appreciate these cards for what they are.  A great set to chase (1050 base cards), a great design and great subsets.  My hats off to Topps for finally coming up with a flagship that’s great to look at and collect.