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Jose Canseco and Bill Matlock Custom Cut Autographs

Once again, Isiais at Cash4graphs came through with some amazing signings.  He got me Jose Canseco and Bill Matlock and I couldn’t be happier with how they came out.


While I do have a Bill Madlock autograph in my PC, I don’t have a Canseco and I am stocked!  How do you guys like?

My Topps 2015 Blaster

IMG_5162[1]Kind of disappointing.  I got basically one big hit and it was the commemorative coin. It’s actually an absolutely stunning card.  If you buy your blasters at Walmart, you get them as a bonus for buying the blaster.  To be honest, it’s worth the price of the blaster all by itself.  Overall I really love the set, but at $19.99 for about 70 cards I was a bit disappointed.  I did get practically every insert you could get that isn’t an autograph or game used card.  However a quick look at eBay shows that a 351 card set can be had for about $20.  As for my D Jeter Coin card, I think I’ll just hold on to it even though it’s pulling in as much as I paid for the blaster.  Overall though I love the set and inserts.  I am thrilled that Topps went out and killed it on the design.  All I can say is buy the blaster to get your coins and get most everything else off of eBay.  What did you get in your blaster boxes?

What it’s like to be a Seahawk fan

As many of you know from my days posting on Bad Wax, there are three teams in which my devotion will never waive.  The New York Yankees, the University of Arizona Wildcats, and the Seattle Seahawks.  Yeah I also root for the NJ Devils and the Brooklyn Nets but the fervor is not the same.  Forming a team allegiance is a difficult proposition.  I grew up in New Jersey (down the shore) so that explains the Yankees, Devils and Nets, and I went to school at the University of Arizona for college so there is my love for Wildcats. The Seahawks though? That’s a different story all together.Steve_Largent

Growing up in NJ you are supposed to be a Giant fan. Some say what about the Jets?  To that I say no one is really a Jet fan, it’s just Giant fans who happen to not be playing at the same time.  I was supposed to be a Giants fan.  My dad was a Giants fan so that’s all we would watch.  Plus let’s face it, when I got into football the Giants were pretty damn good.  Phil Simms and Lawrence Taylor, what wasn’t to like? The problem was, I wasn’t that kind of kid.  I always loved the underdog so in 1980 I was nine years old, and the biggest underdog at the time with (what I thought) had the coolest uniforms were the hapless Seattle Seahawks.  They went 4-12 that year, but the team had the pieces.  They had Steve Largent at wide receiver, Jim Zorn at quarterback, and a fun to watch secondary anchored by Dave Brown and Jeff Moore. They were terrible that season, the 4-12 kind of terrible that a nine year old me fell in love with.

But then they started to get better.  Year after year, until 1983 happened.  I was only a mild football fan until then.  Besides, there were two leagues and the underdog league at the time was the USFL of which I was a Philadelphia Stars fan.  Something special happened in that 1983 season.  That was the season which I ditched the USFL and fell in love all over again with the Seahawks.  Zorn and curt warner rookieLargent were still there, but the missing cog showed up in the form of Curt Warner.  No not that “K”urt Warner, but the Penn St. beast one.  Curt came into the league in 1983 and kicked the God damn door in.  He was an All-Pro that season, racking up nearly 1500 yards on the ground. Combine that with Largent, Paul Johns and Charlie Young, the Seahawks took the Wildcard slot in the playoffs. First round they crushed an Elway led Broncos team 31-7, second round they knocked off a Dan Marino led Miami team on the road 27-20, only to get knocked out but the eventual Champs that year, the Oakland Raiders.

That season was it though, that was the one where I would pledge my allegiance to the Seahawks forever.  What I didn’t realize at the time was how devastating a choice that would be.  THose of you who read this and remember me in junior high and high school will remember me always wearing something Seahawk-y.  I had an 80s satin team jacket, many back packs, and even a giant helmet shaped umbrella. I was the worst kind of fan, the nerd fan!

Year after year, draft after draft, the Seahawks sucked. Lovable losers as they will be remembered but always losers. Whileshaun alexander si cover all my friends seemed to have teams in the playoffs and winning Super Bowls, my team was usually out of it by mid-season as I would try to figure out who’d they be drafting next year.  They always seemed to have terrible luck drafting, or bringing in the free agent bust. Many years past before I could get excited about another Seahawk team, but then in 2005, it happened all over again! Another playoff run, this time they had the one seed.  They beat the Redskins, then the Panthers to advance to the Super Bowl against the Steelers.  Where they proceeded to get hit with the worst officiated game in Super Bowl history. They lost that one, and seemed to kind of spiral downhill after that for a few years.

Then it happened again, much like that 1983 season in 2010 the Seahawks signed Pete Carroll as coach and along with John Schneider as the GM, they started to build.  In 2013 the unthinkable happens, they go to a Super Bowl against the great Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos. They not only blow them out, but manage to make Manning out the look as bad as any game in his storied career.  I felt on top of the world after that game.  Years and years of ineptitude and being made fun of for being a Seahawks fan finally paid off in the culmination of an amazing season.  Which super-bowl-tickets-carbon-pokerbrings us to today.  Now their first ever back to back SUper Bowl Appearance after coming back from the jaws of defeat to beat the Packers in overtime, face a Patriots team that blew out a very good Colts team.  As good as Brady and Belichick are, they are no better than that Ferrari offence that Manning led last year.  This time though, I expect a very close game.  The defense is going to be there for Seattle, it’s the offence we need to open up.  The game line is pick em right now.  I expect that to move after we see how bad the Sherman and Thomas injuries are.  Either way, this Seahawk fan will be ready, with his lucky Jon Kitna jersey on. To root for the  lovable losers that I fell in love with now some thirty five years ago.  So I guess to sum up this post in a few words. Fly Seahawks Fly!

Rwilson champ

2014 Vintage Cuts: Sonny Jurgensen (Sold)


Cad Number: VC-SJ

Card Subject: Sonny Jurgensen

Ebay link: Cut autograph

Football Reference Link: FR Link

Player information: This one was obtained in person, I think I was about 14 or 15 and was at a Redskin’s game.  Just happened to see him leaving a VIP area and my dad got him to sign for us.  Even though he seemed to be in a hurry, he took the time to give a nice autograph.  The only problem was that it was on an angle.  I gave this one a lot of though before final placement.  The problem was, if I was to rotate the card, I would have to lay down a white surface behind it since the index card would end in the cut window. I just hate that blank background on a cut autograph.  I feel like it detracts from the autograph.  So in the end I chipped off a bit of the S and the bottom of the loop from the J and fit it in the window.  The card was slightly yellowed from age, so I thought the contrast between the white of a background card and the index card would detract from the piece.  In the end I like the way this one came out.  It’s imperfect, like when Sonny originally signed the card on an angle.  Also I went with the more modern Redskins logo, since the 60s one (when he played) is so ugly.

What it originally looked like:


The dashes you see are where my cut marks would end up being.  The long dash on the side was how I was going to originally cut it but decided against it.

A certified autograph:


Rookie Card:


1958 Topps #90


IMG_4738 IMG_4739

Card Number: VC-DG

Card Subject: Dick Groat

Ebay link: Cut autograph

Baseball Reference Link: BR Link

The original autograph:


Player information: This is another eBay find, I had no idea how popular a player he was.  I know that he won an MVP in 1960, but I didn’t know he was a 5 time All – Star, and finished 2nd in MVP voting in 1963.  The reason, if you were born in the 70s or later, is he wasn’t a “sexy” stat guy.  He was a great defensive player, got a lot of hits (would probably have ~350 more if he didn’t serve in the military the year after his rookie season.), a lot of runs and hit for a career 0.287 average.  He was a big part of those Pirate teams that battled for a World Series in 1960 and won against a very good Yankees team.  He has a huge following, just search autographs and you’ll see his is very desirable.What you may not know is that he played basketball for Duke University, where he was named an All-American twice and Player of the Year twice.  His Duke jersey has been retired, now hanging in the rafters at Cameron Indoor Stadium, and he is a member of the NCAA Basketball Hall of Fame. A true renaissance player.  Currently he calls Pitt basketball games.

Image of a certified autograph: