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The Blogosphere’s New Retro Set – Idea Bat Around

If you read my post from yesterday and you came back today, I want to thank you!  That means you want in on this idea of mine, as half baked as it is.  We need to come up with a fictional product and brand name.  Of course I feel like the best way to do this is to do a blog bat around and get everyone’s ideas.  Yup we’re talking homework here.

Since this is a retro set and sports cards are geared towards males.  I’m thinking the product has to be male oriented and in my opinion needs to be something that doesn’t exist any more (for instance male garter socks, or maybe some sort of weird tonic medicine). I’m good with using tobacco or candy but it should be something that by today’s standards seems outrageous.  See below for an example:

CONNORS BRIGHTON 01273 486851 COLLECT PICTURE As Britain’s advertising watchdog has received almost 100 complaints that a Channel 4 ad campaign for hit documentary Big Fat Gypsy Weddings  is offensive and racist. A look at old adverts show nothing has changed over the years. Cocaine Toothache Drops



Here are your marching orders if you want in:

  1. Come up with a product.
  2. Come up with a company name.
  3. Create some kind of logo.

Many of you might not have photoshop and that’s ok, I myself use GIMP which is damn good! Plus there are a ton of tutorials out there on how to use it.  Let’s let this roll to the weekend and then as you make posts with your ideas, post a link to it in my comment section of reply to my tweet.  Next week, I will set up a poll so everyone can vote. Then we can move on from there.  Also please retweet this as much as possible to get maximum exposure / participation.

Since Panini and Topps Won’t, Let’s Create an Original Vintage Set

Ok let’s get the I’m-sorry-I-haven’t-posted-in-forever-crap-out-of-the-way-now.  I have been truly uninspired for quite some time.  Actually I sat with this post open for a few hours before I figured out what exactly to write about.  It was about 5 minutes ago and an idea popped up in my head.  We have so many custom card makers online.  Some are experts, some are novice, all are creative.  I thought wouldn’t it be cool to come up with our own set.  One that everyone could contribute to.  I mean everyone has a specialty.  Mine is cut autographs.  Then I thought about the state of the industry, what is missing.  I believe what’s missing is an iconic set. What is the last truly iconic set you can remember and would want to crack a box of?

Since the companies aren’t going to give us a new “retro” set, and by that I don’t mean a re-hashed old set. I’m talking a brand new old timey design.  Something that hasn’t been done to death.  Imagine the next Gypsy Queen, Goudy, or Old Judge set.  Something new that could be updated on a year to year basis.  Of cards that we can make on our own. This is way too big for just one person though.  That’s why I am throwing it out to the custom card community.  Think of it as a blog bat around, but more interactive.

The way I see it we need the following:

  • Come up with a fictional company.  The product should be something weird, think along the line of Mayo Cut Plugs.candyforchildren_003
  • Come up with some kind of slogan (like the one above)
  • Determine the size of the card (3.5″ x 2.5″ standard size) or go smaller, like business card size.
  • Come up with a base set design template.
  • Come up with unique SPs or parallels (like cut autographs).
  • Everyone make and trade cards.

Maybe I’m just pie in the sky dreaming, or maybe it could be a lot of fun for everyone involved. What do you think?