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Hall of Fame Cuts – Johnny Bench


Set: Sport Kings Cut Autographs

Card Number: SK-JB

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This one is awesome.  I set my spending limit on acquiring autographs to a total of $10 shipped.  So that severely limits who I can afford.  I’m not going to be able to snag a Ty Cobb or Babe Ruth.  Also I can forget about contemporaries like Cal Ripken, Kirby Puckett or even Roberto Alomar.  Which is why when a cut Johnny Bench came up on my low end I was shocked.  I watched this one for six days.  I knew it was not pristine, so I figured it would stay low.  In the final 15 minutes it went from $3.50 to $7.50 and in the end I said screw it, set my bid to $15 and crossed my fingers.  I actually won it for $8.25 but with $3.25 shipping (which is ridiculous by the way), pushed it to $11.50 a little above what I set at my limit, but i’m ok with it because it’s Johnny freaking Bench!

I have a stack of cards that need to be made into cut autographs but when this one arrived, I processed it through quickly!  The cut itself is slightly creased, and quite old from the yellowing of the paper.  Looks to be cut from a program is my guess.  I could have gone with the Vintage Cuts design, which had a full boarder but I thought it would look so much better without the side boarders, so I opted for the Sport Kings look and I think it came out looking quite good.  I am actually shocked at how cheap I got this one for.  In reality it should have gone north of $12, as that’s just how rare his cut autograph (not as a card) is going for.  When I originally showed this on Facebook, I got an offer for $40.  I didn’t take it because I don’t think I could replace it much cheaper than that.

As for my total Baseball Hall of Fame totals:

I am now at 5 of 310, a very, very long way to go!

For reference, here is a picture of a certified Johnny Bench autograph:


Of course I have to put on his rookie card: