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Another Hall of Fame Addition – Edd Roush

Card – SK-ER

Player –  Edd Roush

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Getting this signature was bad-ass! No way did I ever think I was getting a Roush autograph for south of 10 bucks.  I got this for $9.95 including shipping.  Probably because it was a magic marker autograph with some slight bleeding, but I’m good with that.  We are talking about a player who actually started in the 1919 Black Sox World Series.  Not only that but he was 26 years old at that point in his career.

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962 by the Vetren’s Committee.  He was a two time NL Batting champ, and during an 18 year career, he had a career batting average of 0.323, good for 44th all time in baseball history.  Here are the coolest facts about Roush:

  • He never struck out more than 25 times in a season.
  • He had 30 inside-the-park home runs.
  • He was invited to throw out the first ball at the last game at Crosley Field on June 24, 1970.
  • He used a massive 48-ounce Louisville Slugger (the heaviest bat used in baseball), claims that he never broke a bat in his big league career.
  • He died at the age of 94, still insisting that even if the White Sox had played the 1919 World Series on the level, the Reds would have won.
  • Edd Roush was the last surviving Federal League participant.

That’s some crazy stuff.  Finally, during the making of this card, I was watching Walking Dead.  Got completely caught up in it and ended up making a sticker out of his autograph.  With some creative quick thinking, I took a penny sleeve, split it in half, and applied it to the autograph, so the card now has a protective seal over the autograph. Lesson learned: Never make cards while watching Walking Dead!

Original signature card:

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Certified autograph:

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Baseball Card: