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FAQ – The Who, What and Why of Bad Wax Customs

I’ve been asked this so many times from so many people, I figured I would create an FAQ as to who I am, what I collect and why I collect it.  So here goes nothing:

Q: Are you really named Chemgod? What’s the deal with that?

A: No, my real name is Mike. Chemgod was a nickname I picked up in college.  I the dorms people used to come to me for tutoring in chemistry because it came so natural to me.  One guy said I am like a god in chemistry . . . a chemgod.  The nickname stuck with me and to this day I’m sure there are some people out there that still only remember me by that nickname.  On here I use it as a cloak of anonymity, but if you want to email me, just call me Mike.

Q: What happened to your old badwax.net site?

A: After nearly 1500 posts and 1.2 million views, I just got tired of it.  I would take a month off and try to get back into it and I just couldn’t.  After a while I let the domain expire, which was fine by me since I barely post anything, however my site also disappeared which really bummed me out since I had so much content.  I tried a few more different blogs but none could hold my interest for more than a month until I came across this idea of a cut autograph card blog. I’m not doing it everyday, but you aren’t reading everyday so it’s all good!

Q: Why cut autographs?

Everyone has a favorite thing to collect.  For me it’s memorabilia and autographs.  I don’t collect every person’s autograph, that’s just ridiculous.  I like to collect interesting people’s signatures.  I don’t care what sport, or what they’ve done, I just want a story behind each and every signature I have.  For example, I am currently trying to find a decent JaMarcus Russell autograph, because without a doubt he is the biggest bust in NFL history. Like I said, they don’t have to be accomplished, they just have to have a story. I like cut autographs because for the most part, these are people who are no longer with us.  I don’t necessarily hate cut autographs of living people but I would prefer them not to be playing currently or have been retired for a significant number of years.

Q: What’s in your personal collection?

A: Short answer, everything.  My personal collection is just a hodge podge of everything you can think of.  Inserts, rookie cards, autographs, game used, signed memorabilia, I mean I have trash bags (more than one) filled with bats I got signed. I have signed helmets, hockey sticks, various balls, pucks, magazines, cards, you name it, I have gotten it signed.  I tend to mainly focus of baseball, football and hockey cards, but I do have some basketball and soccer cards.

Q: Do you still do through the mail?

A: Yes I do, but not as much as I used to.  I tend to just go after players who others have had successes with, and players I actually like.I probably send out 2-3 cards a month on average and all my cards I send out now are custom made by me.

Q: What graphics program do you use to make your cards?

A: I use a program called GIMP.  It’s free and I self – taught myself how to do things on it.  It took me nearly a year to feel comfortable but now I am proficient at it.  It’s a poor man’s version of photoshop and it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles.  But . . .it’s free! Plus you can really do some amazing stuff with it.

Q: Do you do custom cards for people?

A: All the time.  People balk at my prices and I admit I am pretty expensive, but I’ve never had something returned to me.  I make cards that are great for signings and I make a mean cut autograph.  Everything I make is geared to last for a long time.  If you do have something you’d like me to make, email me for pricing and details. I will say this, in the world of custom made cards, you get what you pay for.