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2015 Sport Kings Cut Autograph – Rick Ferrell


They all start with a signed index card.  Sometimes they are a Hall of Famer and sometimes it’s an All Pro or All Star.  This one’s a Hall of Famer.  Many people, myself included wonder how or why he was inducted into the Hall o Fame.  That is until I read his Wikipedia page.   So here’s the breakdown:

FullSizeRender (4)Card Number: SK-RF

Card Subject: Rick Ferrell

Baseball Reference Link: BR Link

Player information: This is much harder to find under $5 than you would think.  He’s not a household name, in fact, most of the people reading this probably clicked on the baseball reference link just to see what his stats were like. He died in 1995, so as you can imagine there are no manufacturer certified autographs of him out there.  Which makes finding autographs of FullSizeRender (5)him on the more difficult side.  Most of the ones I had seen on eBay were minimum of $10 or up (mostly the up side).  Most of his certified autographs are running $60 and up.  I was elated when I won this autograph for just $7.63 with shipping.  Since he is a Hall of Fame member, putting him in the Sports Kings design was a not brainer.

As I said earlier though, when you fist look at his stats, they are underwhelming.  18 year career with 1692 hits, 28 home runs, 732 RBIs, and a career batting average of 0.281.  Not exactly blow you away numbers.  He did have 8 All Star appearances though and was argued by Bill James to be the third best catcher of his era behind only Mickey Cochrane and Bill Dickey, who are arguably two of the best catchers of all time.  So while his offensive numbers don’t show it, he was an amazing player in his own right and definitely deserved his Hall of Fame status.

What the original signature looked like:

$_57 (3)


One of his cards:

$_57 (4)