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2015 Sport Kings Cut Autograph – Robin Roberts

IMG_5172IMG_5173 Card Number: SK-RR

Card Subject: Robin Roberts

Baseball Reference Link: BR Link

Player information: I got this one at the same time as the Sutter autograph.  I am so happy to finally get one.  This one was gotten for $5 shipped.  Usually it’s much more for his autograph so I was happy to find it cheaper.  Roberts was a 19 year vet, and spent the most of his career in Philadelphia.  He had a career record of 286-245 which puts him at 28th for career wins.  He was a seven time All Star and was a big part in that Phillies rotation for years.  The interesting thing about his career was that it very closely mimics Jim Kaat’s and unpon close look, Kaat needs to be in the Hall.  Maybe someday the veteran’s committee will right that wrong.

What the original signature looked like:

$_12 (1)

 Image of a certified autograph:


Image of one of his cards:


And Now For Some Hockey TTM Love . . .

IMG_5157[1]With all the TTM success I have been having recently, I wanted to open it up to another sport, hockey.  If you remember way way back when I used to write Bad Wax, I did a lot of hockey TTM.  My wife is really into the NHL and it was a way for us to kind of bond around my hobby.  For this template, I again wanted to stick with the mini cut autograph motif.  I needed a vintage set to steal a design from so I went with the inaugural Topps  1954-55 Hockey.

1954Topps_27_PronovostStarting with the front I opted to go with a light blue ice colored boarder with the boxed in logo on the top right (to aid with no interference when the signer signs the card.  Went with a dark blue on red bottom of the card, just like the original.  I think it’s a fairly good representation of what a card from that set would have looked like if they did cut autographs back then.

For the back of the card, I wanted to do something that took the best elements of the original set’s back but stay consistent with the other two sport’s back.  To the right you’ll see 1954-55-Topps-Hockey-Backthe original back.  I stayed very close that that back.  The blue and red band on top, the stick, running under the red band and above the blue band. I even threw in a cartoon, just like the original. Plus if you look very closely at the blade, I replaced Topps Hockey in IMG_5158[1]the stick blade with Bad Wax Hockey.  Was going to take the light brown vintage color back, but I just didn’t like the way it looked so I changed it to a ice blue color like the front border.  Overall all though I think I did the back justice by sticking to the original as best I could.

As for the through the mail requests, I have Ted Lindsay, Larry Robinson, Chris Chelios, and Ron Hextall.  All four are Hall of Fame members and all four are very good through the mail signers.  I will update you as to how long it takes and where I sent it to as they come back.

Let me know what you think about the design . . .


2014 VINTAGE CUTS: Bobby Doerr

I am trying to catch up on all the cut autographs I have made over the past few months.  When I first started the blog I was posting them, then got busy in real life and the blog took second priority.  So even though these are 2014, I don’t think I have posted them anywhere.

IMG_4752 IMG_4753

Card Number: VC-BD

Card Subject: Bobby Doerr

Baseball Reference Link: BR Link

Player information: Doerr has always been considered one of the weaker players in the Hall of Fame.  While at a statistical glance, his career looks a lot like Ray Durham / Bobby Grich, which in my opinion were great, they were not quite Hall of Fame numbers.  Doerr though was different, he played in an era where second basemen were praised for their defensive consistency, and not necessarily their offensive prowess.  Still, Doerr in 14 seasons had over 2000 hits which averages out to about 177 hits a season which is pretty damn impressive for that era.  Top that off with nine All Star appearances in 14 years and you get to understand why he was one of the best second basemen of his generation. While the sports writers of America may not have felt he deserved a place in the Hall, his contemporaries did.  He is currently not only the oldest Hall of Fame player living (of any sport), but also one of the oldest baseball players still alive.  Amazingly he does still sign quite a bit, so if you see him signing somewhere I recommend getting his autograph as you never know when he may not be here to sign them ever again.

What the original signature looked like:


Image of a certified autograph:


Image of one of his cards:


2014 Vintage Cuts: Sonny Jurgensen (Sold)


Cad Number: VC-SJ

Card Subject: Sonny Jurgensen

Ebay link: Cut autograph

Football Reference Link: FR Link

Player information: This one was obtained in person, I think I was about 14 or 15 and was at a Redskin’s game.  Just happened to see him leaving a VIP area and my dad got him to sign for us.  Even though he seemed to be in a hurry, he took the time to give a nice autograph.  The only problem was that it was on an angle.  I gave this one a lot of though before final placement.  The problem was, if I was to rotate the card, I would have to lay down a white surface behind it since the index card would end in the cut window. I just hate that blank background on a cut autograph.  I feel like it detracts from the autograph.  So in the end I chipped off a bit of the S and the bottom of the loop from the J and fit it in the window.  The card was slightly yellowed from age, so I thought the contrast between the white of a background card and the index card would detract from the piece.  In the end I like the way this one came out.  It’s imperfect, like when Sonny originally signed the card on an angle.  Also I went with the more modern Redskins logo, since the 60s one (when he played) is so ugly.

What it originally looked like:


The dashes you see are where my cut marks would end up being.  The long dash on the side was how I was going to originally cut it but decided against it.

A certified autograph:


Rookie Card:


1958 Topps #90

2014 VINTAGE CUTS: Clarence “Ace” Parker

photo 2photo 3

Card Number: VC-AP

Card Subject: Clarence “Ace” Parker

Ebay link: Cut autograph

Football Reference Link: FR Link

Player information: Living in Durham, NC, the hometown college is Duke University.  There aren’t a whole lot of football players coming out of Duke and being elected to the Hall of Fame.  However if you go back far enough (to the 1930’s) you’ll come across an amazing individual, Ace Parker.  Not only was he a great football player in the pre-passing world of football, but he also played professional baseball, and became the head baseball coach and assistant football coach at Duke.  From there he became the Durham Bulls (minor league baseball) manager before his retirement.  He along with Bobby Doerr were the last living players ever to appear on the same field with the likes of Lou Gehrig and Rogers Hornsby.  He is also the only member of the Football Hall of Fame to survive to be over 100 years old.  This card was signed at an event I attended in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  The signature was easy enough to fit inside the window, the hardest part of this card was finding the logo for his old football team.  I went with the Tigers, only because I couldn’t find what the old Brooklyn Dodgers football team’s logo looked like.

What the original signature looked like:

photo 1

Image of a certified autograph:

ace parker psa

Image of one of his cards:

2014 Vintage Cuts: Yale Lary

$_57$_57 (1)

Card Number: VC-YL

Card Subject: Yale Lary

Ebay link: Cut autograph

Football Reference Link: FR Link

Player information: Another eBay won signature, but I do have quite a few of his signatures and I know this one to be legit.  His signature is very identifiable and since he is still alive it can be found in may products.  If you compare this to any certified signature you would agree.  Usually inscribes “HOF 79”.  The Y and L’s are always the same.  He along with most of the secondary for Detroit in the mid-late 60s were just so dominating.  Those defenses were always well represented in the Pro Bowl every year.  This signature was big and I really wanted to keep the inscription in the window.  I did have to clip part of the Y in order to get the final Y in Lary to appear.

What the original signature looked like:


Image of a certified autograph:


2014 Vintage Cuts – Paddy Livingston (Sold)

paddy livingston cutlivingston back

Card Number: VC-PL

Card Subject: Paddy Livingston

Ebay link: Cut autograph

Baseball Reference Link: BR Link

The original autograph:

photo 1 (1)

Player information: I got this signature off of ebay, mainly because of the age of the player. He broke into the major leagues in 1901 with Cleveland.  He is a subject in the famous T206 set of 1909 – 1911.  He was listed as Livingstone in the set.  Just before he passed away in 1977, he was the last surviving player of the inaugural year for the American League.  Since he died in the 1970s, there aren’t a whole lot of autographs of him around.  However if you want to find out, just click here and look.

Image of a certified autograph:

Courtesy of BMW Sportscards